Pinterest and Uncrate: The Best Places for Discovering and Collecting Content

Pinterest and Uncrate are my two favorites when it comes to discovering new things and collecting them in an organized manner.

Although it seems to be losing a little steam compared to this time last year, I see Pinterest as a top-notch platform for content discovery and collecting. 

While I can still check up on what my friends are into by looking at what they’ve recently pinned, the focus is on the consumer content rather than my friends themselves, which is quite the opposite of Facebook. 

I personally like Pinterest because it helps me gather my thoughts and ideas onto different boards. Pinterest sparks my creativity, and gives me something to do with my time both by being on the website and by bringing my pins to life. 

As a junior at Marquette, this is my first year not living in a dorm, and I can definitely say that Pinterest has shaped my apartment and lifestyle. Pinterest gave my roommates and I countless ideas for how to decorate our apartment, from things we could buy to DIY crafts. The wall art hanging over my bed may have never happened without Pinterest guiding me.


Pinterest also supplies me with countless recipes for cooking and baking. I am gluten free and on a low sodium diet, which can restrict the things I eat quite a lot. I am always looking for new, flavorful recipes to try. With Pinterest, I am never at a loss for something new to make. 

Overall, Pinterest is a fun platform for content discovery and collecting. It sparks the imagination, prompts me to challenge myself in the kitchen and who knows-maybe it’ll help my dream wedding come true!

My second favorite content gathering site/app is Uncrate. While its content is geared toward men, there are still plenty of things for girls to get into. The website prides itself on being a digital magazine of what’s cool and new, and the app is an even sleeker version of the information. Men can use the app to buy clothes they see and like right then and there, and for me, I like looking at the cool things like highlighter pencils and books that teach the meaning behind rap lyrics. This is also a great site for women to gather gift ideas for anyone in their lives, especially dads, brothers, and boyfriends who can be tricky to buy for.

With an account on Uncrate, you have the opportunity to save items to your “stash” and you can even share that list with others via email or social media.  

Both Pinterest and Uncrate are great platforms for content discovery and collecting. I love using both and would recommend them to everyone!


5 thoughts on “Pinterest and Uncrate: The Best Places for Discovering and Collecting Content

  1. Great post Stephanie! I totally agree with you. A lot of my food dishes are thanks to Pinterest. I’ve gotten so many ideas about gifts and crafts from Pinterest. The article about the Pinterest dream wedding brought me to tears. It’s so cute. I bet that was a lot of work. Thanks for introducing me to Uncrate. I’ll be checking it out soon.

  2. Hi Stephanie!

    I completely agree with your view on pinterest. I am always getting fantasy ideas about weddings or pushing my cooking skills to the limit. I will have to check out Uncrate sometime. It seems like Uncrate is almost a better site for a brand to be on if they can link it to a purchase. Thanks!

  3. Pinterest is fantastic for DIY projects, or any kind of craft inspiration, I totally agree. I loved the dream wedding article – great idea to mention that – it really proves the versatility and attention to detail that you can incorporate into your content collection using Pinterest. I’ve never heard of Uncrate before; I’ll have to check it out. Great post!

  4. I agree that Pinterest is a great place to find new ideas, but I often times find myself pinning things and never going back and actually using them. I have pinned hundreds of things that I have actually never tried. It is however, good to see that there actually are people out there that use the ideas that they see on Pinterest and that they actually turn out the way that they are supposed to (I know my cousin has created a small explosion in her house — no one was hurt — because the directions were not correct).
    As for Uncrate, I’ve never heard of it, but I will look into it now!

  5. Great Post! I personally don’t use Pintrest or Uncrate but I see the value in them. I personally need to decorate my apartment so maybe I should hop onto Pintrest, ha! Great post, and great use of personal experience!

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