Follow the Trending Topics and Consistently Post: The Next Steps for Zita Bridal Salon


Zita Bridal Salon has made a step in the right direction when it comes to its social media accounts. They are lightyears ahead of other local companies, which sometimes lack social media accounts. However, while Zita should be commended for its use of Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram, it is missing a key element of social media strategy-Consistency! 


Long-term, Zita Bridal Salon should hire a person (or company if the budget allows for it) to manage its social media accounts. Many of their posts on social media lack engagement, and having one person write content for them may be beneficial. 


They also absolutely need to employ a social media content calendar. While they use their accounts, they do not use them consistently enough. Their Instagram account could be swimming in activity, however in over 8 months, they have only had 19 posts. Much like their Instagram account, their Twitter activity had an apparent hiatus from July until November, which isn’t doing them any favors. With over 200 followers, they need to remind their potential consumers that they exist!


A content calendar would give them a schedule of what to post, and how frequently to do so, which may help bring business to their shop. 


Short-term, and above all, the company really needs to put a focus on just getting out there. While they don’t want to tweet just for the sake of tweeting, a company like Zita Bridal Salon, that has limited repeat customers, needs to continuously put themselves out there to be noticed and stand out amongst competitors. 


While it is harder for a small company (or even a large one) to post new content to Youtube everyday, a tweet or two a day, is not impossible. 


One thing Zita Bridal Salon could do right now to get involved is to use trending topics! Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Zita cannot be afraid to jump into the conversation in new ways. For example, on a Wednesday night, they could tweet, “Are you and your bridesmaids planning your wedding on this fabulous Wednesday night? Tell us about it! #WineWednesday #ZitaBridalSalon.” Another popular Wednesday topic is #WisdomWednesday. To incorporate this, Zita could Instagram stress-relieving quotes to remind the bride what her wedding day is really all about. 


By joining in on the trending conversations, potential consumers will recognize their presence without the overwhelming feeling like Zita is constantly trying to sell something. 


Hiring one person to handle their social media accounts and their content would be beneficial, as would setting up a content calendar, but until those things can be done, consistent conversations on trending topics across social media are the way to go! Potential customers will be more aware of Zita through social media, and more likely to stop in the store! Zita should want to remind people that they exist.


3 thoughts on “Follow the Trending Topics and Consistently Post: The Next Steps for Zita Bridal Salon

  1. I completely agree with the importance of a social media calendar. I will have to suggest that for my company, Classic Slice, as well. It will keep the content focused and make sure that the company is not missing out a big events or link all of their social media sites. Great idea!

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  3. I completely agree with the idea of consistency. A lot of companies have a great social media foundation but they don’t use it constantly thus making those channels worthless. Part of me can’t understand why wouldn’t you use social media if you have it as a company, but I guess it’s hard to put out content on a consistent basis. Great post!

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