Twitter and Instagram: A Social Media Journey


The Twitter and Instagram assignment for my PR Writing Class, PURE3600, was a challenging but enlightening experience. Over the course of the past few months, my class was assigned the task of tweeting and instagraming at least 36 times. My weeks of social media were exciting, and here are some of the most memorable experiences.

Best Experience: My best experience through this assignment came at the end of the semester. This past Sunday, the Marquette University Twitter account tweeted the link to a blog post about 28 reasons for people to love Marquette. The article was very relatable for me, so I proceeded to retweet Marquette along with adding “Just a few of the reasons I chose MU!” with the #PURE3600SP14 hashtag.



Thanks to my retweet, I was tweeted at by Marquette University and the Diederich College of Communications Twitter accounts and followed by both of them! Marquette retweeted my tweet, causing it to be viewed 2,182 times! I also gained 9 new followers.


Worst Experience: The most challenging, and at times frustrating, part of this assignment was using the hashtag #PURE3600SP14. Because Twitter is already such a restricted platform in terms of how many characters are available, having to include a hashtag that contained 12 characters was tricky, and often affected my tweets and sometimes even prevented me from retweeting certain tweets and links, simply because I could not fit the hashtag.

Learning Experience: This assignment really helped me to broaden my horizons on social media. By tweeting and instagraming posts so directly related to public relations, I was able to reach a new branch of Twitter users. Complete strangers were following me and interacting with me. Forming connections with other public relations professionals was a great experience, and I hope to stay active in the PR/Twitter world.


New Experience: Having never been an Instagram user before this semester, I got to experience the app for the first time. Prior to this assignment, I sometimes failed to see the benefits of using a social media site directed towards images, but a picture really is worth a thousand words. While I am not quite an Instagram expert yet, I plan on some day mastering the app!


This assignment was really valuable. I was able to further delve into the social media realm and expand my knowledge and develop my personal brand. I learned how to balance personal posts with professional ones, and had many amazing experiences along the way! I really will miss #PURE3600SP14 this summer!



I must admit…I wasn’t always on the Instagram bandwagon. In fact, I didn’t even make an account until I needed one for school. However, social media and Instagram are a vital part of the PR world, so I’m slowly learning to love it. My most prized Instagram of late is of my baby cousin, Declan.



I wonder if this little munchkin will go to Marquette. 

Declan is quite possibly the cutest baby on earth, even when he has food covering his face, forming an almost beard. It’s crazy to think that someday he’ll be 18 and headed off to college, and I can only hope he chooses to follow in my footsteps and attend Marquette University. I’m excited to get to know the super cool kid I know he’ll be!

My second favorite Instagram is of none other than the Marquette campus.


The first buds of spring on Marquette’s campus! Tulips are on the way. 

Spring is not my favorite season, but tulips are my all-time favorite flower, and after this seemingly never ending winter, I am welcoming the first signs of spring with open arms. The sheer excitement I felt upon seeing these buds made me rejoice in a way I normally save for puppies or newborn babies, but it means sunshine and warm weather are that much closer!

Instagram has taught me that a picture says a thousand words, but a good caption can definitely help. I look forward to Declan growing up, spring and tulips and my further discovery of this fantastic social media channel!